Friday, February 1, 2013

Why no book?

Alice C. Linsley

Daniel from Poland
I was asked that question recently by a young man from Poland. Here is what Daniel Kalinowski asked:

I recall that you were going to write one on subjects mentioned on the blog, was it published?

I'm very interested in the subject and would like to have that book and also hear critique of your work.

Maybe in near future a book covering some of these topics will appear in Eastern Europe written by me - it would be perfect if I could place some of your articles in footnotes, but they (articles) must be scholarly reviewed.

Here is my response to Daniel:

Finding a publisher takes too much time from the research and I am not inclined to waste my remaining years trying to get a book published. I would rather share my research with interested and thoughtful people, such as yourself. This blog reaches many more people than a book.

I would be pleased if you would take up this work. I had been mentoring a young man in Nigeria who I thought would take it forward, but he has not risen to the challenge.

I don't expect to make money from this, but I do wish to be recognized for the breakthroughs I have made. I'd be honored to be mentioned in the footnotes of your book!

Don't worry too much about peer review. If you have read Thomas Kuhn's "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" you are aware that paradigm shifts result from an individual's work, not the work of a community of academics or scientists.

Don't rely on government grants which can co-opt your work. My research would never pass the prejudices of the National Science Foundation, for example. Nor would any institutionalized peer-review committees deem it worthy of publication. For some, lack of recognition is crushing. For me, it is unimportant. I prefer to be left alone so I can get some work done.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Linsley, "I don't expect to make money from this, but I do wish to be recognized for the breakthroughs I have made." Here's the thing: G-d, the angels, and all the saints know. And that's ultimately what matters. You have been and are faithful in sometimes frustrating experiences. You may or may not live to see the fruition of your work. But did St. Athanasius? Did St. Paul? Did Jesus Himself see the fulfillment of His great work in His earthly life? ...You Rock! Never think otherwise. Think about it: There are people all over the globe who read your writings. I know it sometimes feels thankless, but really...Can you say for sure you don't know when you light a match or spark on someone, especially those anonomous readers who you affect with your writings? You keep up the good work you are doing. There will be one or more and maybe many who will pick up the torch and carry. I admire what you do and have for years. G-d bless you in your faithfulness and endeavors. Respectfully and best, Brent

Ron said...

And you won't consider self-publishing?

Alice Linsley said...


Thanks for the encouragement! You have been a faithful reader and friend. After all this time you recognize the significance of the research. Others have come to see it also. When I started this blog six years ago nobody was paying attention. Today when I do internet searches in pursuit of data, my own articles pop up. Not so helpful for me perhaps, but it indicates that the work is circulating.

I sound like I am feeling sorry for myself. That's not how I feel. I am extraordinarily blessed because of people like you and because I know that I am doing what the Lord asks of me. As you point out, "that's ultimately what matters."

Alice Linsley said...


That's a good option and I am considering it, just not at this moment. My plate is so full, but retirement is only 2 and 1/2 years away. :)

jdwoods76 said...

Based on the "Live Traffic Feed" alone, there must be hundreds of us from all over the world who enjoy learning from your research and your wisdom. A "Just Genesis" book would be well-received no matter who publishes it.


Alice Linsley said...

Maybe the "The Best of Just Genesis", since there is so much here. The hard work has been done - the years of research and verification.

I have 2 manuscripts in the works. The footnotes are what make the work tedious for me. At the blog, I simply hot link what must be footnoted in a book.

I hope you are well, John. I've been thinking about you and your family and know God is guiding you.

Anonymous said...

I think Lulu is the way to self publishing. I wish you well. I would like to see your work in a form where we can turn pages, rather than read electronically like this. More bettah! for elders like me who like to turn pages back and forth!

jim of Olym

Alice Linsley said...

Hi, Jim. It is readers like you who keep me motivated. Thanks!

I'm curious. Would you find a book with kinship diagrams interesting if the diagrams were explained and shown in chronological order from Cain to Jesus?