Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Okay! A Book is Coming

Daniel from Poland

Alice C. Linsley

I was asked by a young man from Poland whether a book I proposed to write has been published. Here is what Daniel Kalinowski asked:
I recall that you were going to write one on subjects mentioned on the blog, was it published?

I'm very interested in the subject and would like to have that book and also hear critique of your work.
Maybe in near future a book covering some of these topics will appear in Eastern Europe written by me - it would be perfect if I could place some of your articles in footnotes, but they (articles) must be scholarly reviewed.

Here is my response to Daniel:

Finding a publisher takes time from the research and I am not inclined to waste my remaining years trying to get a book published. I would rather share my research with interested and thoughtful people, such as yourself.

My blogs such as Just Genesis and Biblical Anthropology are a way to do that. However, lately I have been urged to publish and stop giving away the research. These are the words of a member of my Facebook group, The Bible and Anthropology, after I complained about a book that used my research without citation.

Don't worry too much about peer review. If you have read Thomas Kuhn's "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" you are aware that paradigm shifts often result from an individual's work, not the work of a community of academics or scientists. Most of my published research is not peer-reviewed and therefore not constrained by academic expectations or the present environment of censorship of the politically incorrect. My research would never pass the prejudices of the National Science Foundation, for example. I suppose this is the closest thing I have to a peer-reviewed article: Genesis in Anthropological Perspective.

Many would be crushed by lack of recognition. For me, it is not so important. My passion is to strengthen the emerging science of Biblical Anthropology (sister to Biblical Archaeology) as long as I am able, as a independent researcher. If you do use some of my research, please cite me. If you don't trust the validity of material that is not peer-reviewed, you will miss out on an enormous amount of data that you would find helpful.

Biblical Anthropology provides tested methods and tools to push back the veil of time, to uncover anthropologically significant data that clarifies precedents, etiology, and context. The discoveries made in Biblical Anthropology prove helpful to students, pastors, and academics such as yourself.

Best wishes to you in your future endeavors.

Alice C. Linsley

P.S. I've sent a book proposal to an agent and he has responded that it will take 6 weeks to evaluate a project of the scope I propose on The Mighty Men of Old.


Tina said...

The title of your proposed book sounds exciting! I pray you will be accepted and given loads of competent marketing resources. I will buy it!

I hope you will write it "no matter what". Amazon (and Lulu etc) offers excellent self-publishing options. Since you contribute for the sake of truth and posterity, it is important than as many hard printed copies of your articles get into the world where they have the best chance of being preserved in accessible formats. So please offer at least a Paperback printed option in addition to any ebook formats.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Tina.

Unknown said...

I will buy too if u publish a book. Pls announce it when u do that.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to it!

Zaji Girl said...

Hi Alice. Was wondering if you could contact me when you get a moment. I'd love to help if you are self publishing. You really should! I can help with the editing. You may even want to consider it in journal format
Magcloud is great. Also would like to request your insight into the Monomotapa Empire. It was connected to the southern Arabians and is not well known about. I have some preliminary research i have done. Was hoping I could get your opinion and direction. Maybe even have your contribution or compile info on southern Arabia. Wanted to get best email for you. Thanks!

Alice C. Linsley said...

Hello, Zaji Girl. It is great to hear from you. I have an agent who is helping me with the manuscript and will find a publisher. I appreciate your offer! I hope all is going well for you and that the recent flooding in Texas has not caused you loss.