Tuesday, April 23, 2013

About Alice C. Linsley

Alice C. Linsley (M.Div.) is a Christian apologist with special training in Biblical Anthropology. She has been adjunct professor of Ethics, Philosophy, and World Religions at Midway College for eleven years. Her writings have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and journals in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Interviews with Alice C. Linsley have appeared in the following periodicals and radio broadcasts:

Wim Houtman, Nederlands Dagblad
Zaji Travel Magazine
Orthodox Radio of Canada
“From Canterbury to Constantinople” Frank Lockwood
The Myth of Lilith, Yareah Magazine
Cain's Murder of Abel, Yareah Magazine
“Stepping into the Stream” Road to Emmaus Interview
“Illumined Heart Podcast” Ancient Faith Radio

She has lived in Spain, Greece, Iran, and the Philippines, and has traveled in Europe, Southeast Asia, India, and Australia.

Alice is available for conferences, lectures, and short-term residency.

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