Saturday, March 15, 2008

Test Your Knowledge of Genesis

Take the Genesis Trivia Quiz here:

When you are finished, make note of the answers. The answers to numbers 2, 6 and 10 are especially interesting.

Answer #2 - Probably not the person named.

Answer #6 - Incorrect. Canaan is the correct answer, and he was not a son in the literal sense.

Answer #10 - And remember that blood line was factored through the mother, not the father. This means that we should be curious about Tamar's clan, tribe, etc.


What does the name 'Tamar" mean?

What does the name 'Keturah' mean?

Where did Abraham pitch his tent between Ai and Bethel?

What does the word "Moreh" mean?


Tamar means date palm. The date palm was a symbol of fertility.

Keturah means perfume. Keturah, Abraham's cousin bride, was a descendent of Sheba and so was Abraham. There appears to be a relationship between the Sheba clans and the Ketu Clans of the Jebusites.

Abraham pitched his tent near the Oak of Moreh. Teachers, prophets or seers sat under great oaks and date palms. These could be seen for miles away. People came to these trees to meet with the seers associated with them.

Moreh means one who know and instructs, or in a later idiom, one who gives torah. We might render this as prophet or seer.

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