Friday, January 16, 2009

Jeff Benner's Lexicon of Genesis

Title: Hebrew Text and Lexiocn of Genesis

ISBN: Hardcover-9781602640597

Author: Jeff A. Benner

Publisher: Virtual Bookworm

Format: Hardcover and Softcover, 9" x 6", 222 Pages

Description: The Hebrew Text of the Book of Genesis and Alphabetical Lexicon of each Hebrew word.

This book will benefit those who want to learn to read Biblical Hebrew. The Hebrew text of Genesis is based on the Leningrad Hebrew. An alphabetical lexicon lists all the Hebrew words of the text as it appears in the text with the prefixes, suffixes and conjugations intact to assist the student in interpreting difficult words.

The book also includes a dictionary of each Hebrew word found in Genesis and defines it in its original Hebraic perspective with references to The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible and Strong's dictionary.

By working through Genesis using Jeff Benner's book, those wishing to master Biblical Hebrew will be well on their way to reading the Bible without the aid of a translator.

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