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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Empowered Through Reading the Bible

I developed and teach a new course on Women in the Bible at a local secular college. The course draws on the tools of Cultural Anthropology.  There isn't a "feminist" tone about this course yet the women are empowered. This means that they have had a real encounter with the Word.  I finished teaching the course for the second time this past Thursday and was interested in the statements students made in their final essays.  Readers of Just Genesis should find them interesting also. 

This course made the Bible interesting and fun.  Its given me a new confidence I didn't know I had.  My daughter and I both read the Bible now every night! -- Alicia

This class was so fun and it really made me think about the women we studied.  It also helped me in my relationship with God and has encouraged me to be like the Virtuous Womn of Proverbs 31 and to encourage others to do the same. --Ashley

Because of this class I now have to be the woman God has always wanted me to be, His daughter! --Anissa

I was raised in a thick Southern Baptist home and had no idea until this class how powerful the women of the Bible were. We began attending Bible classes at church about 5 weeks ago and I have been able to speak up in the classes. This class has opened my eyes and been life-changing for me.-- Tamara

These women actually helped to bring salvation's plan into reality. Certainly that is their biggest contribution... bringing salvation to the world. We see this finalized through Mary when Jesus was born.-- Sandra

The study of the Bible has encouraged me not to walk in fear of what God has called me to do. Because of this class I feel more confident studying the Bible. I really can't wait to have more time to do so. I have shared so much of what I've learned with my sister. She always awaits my call on Thursday nights after class!-- Carol

This class has made me aware of the imporatnce of looking deeper into the Bible. It has made me curious enough to want to start from Genesis and read the whole Bible, and to be aware of patterns, binary distinctions, and hidden sons. --Sue

I knew from the very first night that this was going to be an interesting class!  I was so excited about all of the material we learned each week that I would go back and tell my mom about things the next morning. I've tried to read the Bible before and it didn't make sense to me. Now my interest is sparked and I plan to start attending church again so that I can make sure my three sons are exposed to the Church, God and Jesus.  Attending this class has inspired me to raise strong Christian men. --Sonja


Anonymous said...

Ms. Linsley, you are truly doing G-d's work. Brent

Alice C. Linsley said...

Pray for me, a sinner.

Georgia said...

This is the coolest thing and best ministry idea I have read in a long time.

Georgia said...

By that, I meant, ministry to women.

Knowing how God regards women builds dignity, strength, depth and purpose...and leads to knowing God and saying yes to Him...which builds holiness, peace and joy.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Sure, I'll post the course syllabus. Someone may find it handy. It was very exciting to see the women of the class realize that God has many roles for them in His service.

As for writing a book on this topic, I must finish the manuscript on Genesis first. So glad that summer break is almost here so I can get back to it.