Thursday, July 29, 2010

Israel Museum Reopens

The Israel Museum reopened on July 26 after a three-year, $100 million reorganization and facelift.  Here is the report from Biblical Archaeology Review:

"The refurbished museum creates links across cultures and their histories by displaying fewer objects in a much larger space with deeper explanations. Museum director James S. Snyder, an American Jew who worked for 22 years at the Museum of Modern Art, did not want to display the history of the land solely from a Jewish perspective. He placed an emphasis on cultural commonalities, and sought to contextualize Jewish history within a broad context. The design minds behind the renewal of the Israel Museum include James Carpenter Design Associates of New York and Efrat-Kowalsky Architects of Tel Aviv."

The oldest object in the museum is the million-year-old horns of a wild bull. There is also a heel bone pierced by an iron nail with wood fragments, the oldest physical evidence of crucifixion.

Read more about the newly reopened Israel Museum here.

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