Friday, April 8, 2011

Please Ask Permission

Alice C. Linsley

I've spent over 32 years researching the book of Genesis and I've made some significant discoveries.  For me this is a passion, a labor of love. I've never received a cent for this research, but I do deserve credit where its due me.

Much of what I've written has been said before. However, some of my findings are my own intellectual property, especially the copyrighted kinship diagrams.

At Damian Thompson's blog, someone who goes by SRDC quoted many paragraphs of my research without citation and without quotation marks on 4/6/2011.  He was called on it by another blog commentator who recognized my work and linked to Just Genesis.  That brought a good number of people to my blog, which I appreciate, but not under these circumstances.

At 4:37 PM, SRDC claimed this:  "I have her permission..."  This is a lie. 

Let me be clear about this business of permission.  Please ask and it shall be granted, on the condition that you quote me accurately and link to the post.

The research is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His eternal Kingdom. Make use of it with that in mind.

Update: SRDC has emailed me with an apology. She is a regular reader of Just Genesis. She has permission to use my material as I know her desire is to please God. Sometimes in the heat of an argument we forget the courtesies.  No harm done.

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