Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Your name, please!

I moderate comments at JUST GENESIS and I delete a good number because they make claims that are not supported by the evidence. Usually these comments are posted by Anonymous. It seems to me that honest conversation happens when we claim our views and provide our names. In the future please provide your real name - not a screen name - and your comment is more likely to be published.

I delete comments that use the "B- - - -" and F- - - words. I delete comments that are not related to the topic.

I delete comments that suggest an irrational mind. I delete comments from people who simply want to rant and offer nothing constructive to the conversation.

I make no apologies for the research published here. This is an on-going project in Biblical Anthropology and I adjust as new information/data becomes available. That is what scientists do.

I accept responsibility for the material posted here.

Finally, I thank the readers who have stuck with me in this project and offered thoughtful comments and helpful feedback. God bless you!

Alice C. Linsley

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Tina said...

I think this is a wise move. Thank you for keeping us in the loop on your remarkable research. This blog is a treasure trove of information, and will be for as long as it remains available. Happy New Year to you, Alice, and may God bless you wonderfully in the coming year. I should comment more often but I tend to play catch up with my reading these days as my interests leap frog each other LOL.

Tina Howard
aka Pecan Corner on Blogger and You Tube :-)

Alice C. Linsley said...

Thanks, Tina. Next time I'm in TX, maybe we can meet.

Folks, follow Tina at her wonderful blog Pecan Corner:

Tina said...

I would like that! I am between Abilene and Waco, and of course we are used to driving a hundred miles for just about any reason, so just give me a shout. :-)

Alice C. Linsley said...

I will.

Lon W. said...

I agree. This is your blog anyway ma'am. It's your way or the highway, so to speak. Very polite of you to phrase your request in this fashion.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Linsley, I continue to frequent this blog; not as much as I would like since I remain busy (overwhelmed) in my workaday life. I regularly refer to your articles both as a refresher and to piece together some thoughts I have. Keep up the good work. I hope you are doing well. Long-time Reader Brent

Alice C. Linsley said...

Wonderful to hear from you, Brent. May the New Year be full of blessings for you and those you love!

I'm retired now and busier than ever. :)