Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shaken Confidence of Materialists

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes....” Romans 1:16

Materialists view religion as a human invention and regard those who believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God as deluded or naive. Their confidence rests on the assumption that this Gospel is invented. Their confidence is easily shaken because nothing in Reality supports this assumption.

Reality supports the view that everything exists by the Word of God and that the Word of God has fulfilled all things in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. St. Anthony the Great articulated this philosophically when he wrote: "God’s providence controls the universe. It is present everywhere. Providence is the sovereign Logos of God, imprinting form on the unformed materiality of the world, making and fashioning all things. Matter could not have acquired an articulated structure were it not for the directing power of the Logos, who is the Image, Intellect, Wisdom and Providence of God.”

Reality shakes the confidence of Materialists so thoroughly that they must escape into fantasy. They fantasize about a universe governed by randomness. They invent creatures to fit their convergence evolution theory but have no physical evidence for such creatures since they never existed. They attribute Christianity to the Jews and then illogically insist that the Jews corrupted Jesus' true religion by shunning the Gnostics.

Most Materialists should be delighted with my discovery that Abraham and his ancestors looked forward to the appearance of the Son of God in human form and believed that He would be born from their blood line. They might argue that because the promise of the Son existed before Abraham's time, Christianity is so terribly old that it should be relegated to the realm of extinct entities. But it is also possible that their confidence would be shaken by the fact that the Jews didn't invent Christianity.

Their confidence is further shaken because they can't explain how this belief in the Incarnate Son of God could be preserved from primal man in Africa to this day. Just as none were able to explain how the 318 bishops who came to the Council of Nicea from around the world and had not formerly communicated with each other should hold a consistent view of Jesus Christ. Such preservation of Truth can't be explained by material mechanisms.

The Materialist worldview is riddled with holes and a thoughtful Materialist recognizes this. He probably doesn't recognize that his worldview is an artifact of the Father of Lies. Satan is the chief materialist.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea that those present at the Council of Nicea hadn't contacted each other about it.
The things I learn through your blogs....