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Index of Topics at JUST GENESIS

Just Genesis presents the latest research on the book of Genesis drawing on the disciplines of cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, molecular genetics, migration studies, and climate studies. This INDEX is an archive of most of the research published here.

Most of the significant data in these blog posts appears in the book The First Lords of the Earth: An Anthropological Study available on Amazon.

INDEX (Current as of 12 April 2024)

The Killing of Abel
Cain's Murder of Abel
Life is in the Blood
Were Cain and Abel Twins?
Lenten Meditation of Cain and Abel

Abraham the Hebrew
Who Was Abraham?
Abraham's Authority and Ancient Law Codes
Judaism is Not the Faith of Abraham
Abraham's Faith Lives in Christianity
Was Abraham a Black Man?
Abraham's Horite Hebrew Ancestors
Abraham and the Hittites
Abraham's Complaint
The Calling of Abraham
Abraham's Audience with Pharaoh
Abraham's Maternal Line
Challenge to Shaye Cohen's Portrayal of Abraham
Was Abraham the First Jew?
Where Abraham Spent His Old Age
Abraham's Two Concubines
Keturah: Wife or Concubine?
Abraham's Sons
Abraham's Nephews and Niece
Abraham's Ancestors Came Out of Africa
The Bosom of Abraham
Abraham and Circumcision
Was Abraham a Pagan?
Was Abraham a Liar?
Abraham and Moses: Different Origins of Israel?
Abraham and Job: Horite Hebrew Rulers
Abraham and Moses as Types of Christ
Abraham's Horite Mother
The Substance of Abraham's Faith
Abraham's Saharan Ancestors
Abraham on Mount Moriah
What Abraham Learned on Mt. Moriah
What Color Was Abraham?
Busting Myths Concerning Abraham

Adam and Eve
The Father of Adam and Eve
Three Portraits of Adam
The Royal Descendants of Adam and Enoch
Adam Named the Animals
The Historical Adam
Adam Was a Red Man
Adam According to Mesopotamian Tradition
Dr. John Walton on the Historicity of Adam
Blaming Original Sin on Adam
Dating Adam: Paul H. Sheely Proposes a Solution
Adam and Eve: The "Blood" and the "Birther"
Another False Claim About Adam and Eve
Are Adam and Eve Real?
Answers to Students' Questions About Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve: Archetypal First Ancestors
Adam and Enoch: Archetype and Ancestor
Objections to the Fundamentalist Reading of Genesis 1-5
The Real Adam
Elder Joseph on Adam and Eve
The First Historical Persons in Genesis

When the Sahara Was Wet
Shorelines in the Sahara: geomorphological evidence for an enhanced monsoon from palaeolake Megachad by N. Drake and C. Bristow, Depart. of Geography, King’s College, London
African Context of Genesis
The Mighty Men of Old
Abraham's Ancestors Came Out of Africa
God's African Ancestors
The Origin of Castes
Africa is Archaeologically Rich
Qesem Cave Finds in Perspective
Conversation with Hausa Muslim
Conversation About Igbo Origins
An African Reflects on Biblical Names
Genesis and African Bishops
African Naming Practices

The Dedanites
Qesem Cave Finds in Perspective
Alignment of Oldest Mosques
Kushite and Horite Rulers Linked
Peleg: Time of Division
Using Arab Math to Uncover the Authors of the Torah

Afro-Asiatic Metalworkers
The Afro-Asiatic Conception of Purity
The Afro-Asiatic Dominion
The Spread of the Afro-Asiatic Worldview
Was Genghis Khan the Last Afro-Asiatic Kingdom Builder?
Afro-Asiatic Kingdom Building
Decline of the Afro-Asiatic Rulers
Nimrod: Afro-Asiatic Kingdom Builder
Afro-Asiatic Rulers and the Celestial Archetype
The Proto-Elamite Script

The Annu/Ainu of On (Iunu)
Horned Altars and Horned Sacred Vessels
Solving the Ainu Mystery
Abraham's Ainu Ancestors
The Nile-Japan Ainu Connection
A Kindling of Ancient Memory
Annu/Ainu a "First People"
Making Sense of Genesis 10
From the Nile to the Philippines: Tracing the Gurjars

Alice C. Linsley
Genesis Informs My Theology
When is the Evidence Sufficient?
Address to the International Catholic Congress of Anglicans
About Alice C. Linsley
Analysis of the Genesis 4 and 5 King Lists
Hearing the Echo
Telling My Story, Part 1
Telling My Story, Part 3
Ancestors and Archetypes
Adam and Enoch as Archetype and Ancestor
The Father of Cain and Seth
Were Abraham's Ancestors Rulers or Refugees?
Oholibamah: Ancestor and Archetype of Mary
Horus: King of the Universe
The Eyes of Horus Speak of Jesus
Adam and Eve as Archetypes
The Celestial Archetype
Nilotic-Kushitic Celestial Archetypes
Questions Asked by Primitive Man

The ACNA and the Priesthood of the Church
Freeing God From Gender and Tradition
My Perspective on Women Priests
TEC Activists Hate the Nigerian Church
Discern the Spirits and Pray for the ACNA
The Doctrine of Creation and the Doctrine of the Church (Richard Hooker)
The Priesthood in England - Part 1
The Priesthood in England - Part 2
The Priesthood in England - Part 3
The Priesthood in England - Conclusion
Some Thoughts of Women Priests
TEC: The formless and void
Anglicanism and Spiritualism
Are Anglican Bishops Schismatic?
The Crisis of Authority in Anglicanism
Modernist-Traditionalist Divide in Anglicanism
Impressions of the New American Anglicanism
Growing Consensus that Women's Ordination Must Be Addressed
Anglicanism on the Doctrine of Creation
N.T. Wright Should Admit His Own Church's Failing

Waiting for a Miracle?
Questions High Schoolers Ask About Genesis
Answers to High Schoolers' Questions about God
Answers to High Schoolers' Questions About Adam and Eve
Answers to High Schoolers' Questions About the Flood
Answers to High Schoolers' Questions About the Earth
Gender and the Bible
Why Prejudice Against a Scientific Approach to the Bible?

Archaic Humans
Time to jettison the common ancestry theory?
Were the Tarim Mummies Afro-Eurasians?
The Mysterious Natufians
The Religious Impulse Among Archaic Populations
Many Groups of Archaic Humans
1.5 Million Year Human Footprint
The Dispersal of Archaic Humans
Was Lucy Human?
Facts about Human Origins
Humans Originated in Africa
Swimming and Diving Among Archaic Peoples
The Beginnings of Spoken Language
Religion of the Archaic Rulers
Some Marks of Prehistoric Religion
Swimming and Diving: Activities of Archaic Communities
Symbols of Archaic Rock Shelters
Archaic Nes Peoples

The Pillars of Solomon's Temple
Prehistoric Obelisk Found in Judah
Circumcision and Circles of Standing Stones in the Judean Hills
Horite Temples
The High Places
The Shrine City of Nekhen
77,000-Year Settlement in Sudan
Europe's Oldest Prehistoric Town Unearthed in Bulgaria
The Trapezoid in Ancient Architecture
Sheep Cotes

El Castillo Rock Art in Perspective
3000 BC Rock Art in Sudan
The Scarlet Cord: A Poem and a Painting

Ascendancy Pattern of the Biblical Hebrew

Astronomy and Physics
Pondering Divine Epiphanies
The Pyramids of Bosnia
Jesuit Astronomer on the Higgs Boson
Higgs Boson: Expected End in Particle Physics
The Celestial Dance Observed by the Magi
A Series Worth Mention
The Bethlehem Star
The Sun and Moon in Genesis
Two Powers in Heaven
Eliade Was Right About Celestial Archetypes
Afro-Asiatic Rulers and the Celestial Archetype
Ancient African Astronomers

Atheist Students Think that Science is on Their Side
The Atheist's Fallacious Argument
Francis Bacon on Atheism
Ancient Wisdom, Science, and Technology: A Response to Atheism

Authorship (Genesis)
Midrash in Genesis
How the Deuteronomist Changes the Genesis Narrative
The Documentary Hypothesis Not Compatible with Current Research
Professor James Barr on Genesis
Who Wrote Genesis?
Is Mosaic Authorship Necessary?
The Possibility of Davidic Authorship
How Did Genesis Come to Be?

Akkadian Lexicon
New Fragment Reveals More About Humbaba
Atrahasis and Noah: Similarities and Differences

The Barren and Grieving Rejoice
The Nature of Barrenness in the Hebrew Bible by Joel Baden

St Basil's Sermons on the Days of Creation (The Hexaemeron)
St. Basil the Great
In the Beginning God
God Said "Let There be Light."
On Germination
On Luminous Bodies
On Moving Creatures
The Creation of Fowl and Water Creatures
On the Creation of Terrestrial Animals

David's Royal City
Bethlehem in the Time of Abraham
The Ark Rested in Bethlehem
Bethlehem: A Horite Settlement
Natufian Culture
4000 Year Bethlehem Town
Horite Expectation and the Star of Bethlehem
The Virgin Birth and the Manger Too!
Who Were the Horites?
The Bethlehem Star
The Celestial Dance Observed by the Magi
The Holy One Hidden and Revealed

Bible and History
Cutting Through the Textual Layers
Understanding the Science of Biblical Anthropology
Why an Empirical Approach to the Bible?
Support Research in Biblical Anthropology
Biblical Anthropology is the Work of Christians
Paul H. Sheely on YEC Dogma and Concordism
INDEX of Topics on Biblical Anthropology
Genesis in Anthropological Perspective
Something Older
Biblical Anthropology and Antecedents
When is the Evidence Sufficient?
Seligman's Legacy
Cultural Context and the Bible
The Murky Waters of Insanity
Is Biblical Anthropology an Oxymoron?
What Does a Biblical Anthropologist Do?
Between Biblical Literalism and Biblical Illiteracy
Biblical Anthropology is Scientific Study of the Bible
The Bible and Anthropological Investigation
The Sacred Center in Biblical Theology
A Blog Dedicated to Biblical Anthropology
Genesis Through the Lens of Anthropology
Biblical Anthropology: Image of God or Imaging God?
Race and the Bible
The Bible and the Question of Race
Jacques Derrida and Biblical Anthropology
Ignoring Anthropologically Significant Data

Biblical Populations, Castes, and Clans

The Wives' Settlements Marked the Boundaries

Circumcision and Binary Distinctions
Pharaonic Circumcision in Rural Sudan
Female Circumcision in Context
The Origins of Circumcision
Circumcision and Standing Stones in Judea
A Bridegroom of Blood
Why Zipporah Circumcised Her Son
Circumcision Debated
Abraham and Circumcision
Zipporah's Flint Knife

Climate Cycles Indicate a Dynamic Earth
When the Sahara Was Wet
Kansas Science Bill Faces Defeat
Rick Pott's Variability Hypothesis has Biblical support
Antarctica Once Had Baobab Trees
Climate Change and Genesis
Decline of the Afro-Asiatic Dominion
Lower Solar Irradiance, Higher Atmospheric Temps?
Climate Cycles and Noah's Flood
Climate Studies and the Book of Genesis
Genesis and Climate Change
When the Sahara Was Wet
Answers to High Schoolers' Questions About the Flood

Commentators on Genesis
List of Commentaries on Genesis
Jacob Böehme on Genesis

The Danger of Concordism
Paul H. Sheely on Concordism
Genesis: On Gaps and Overlaps
Gap Theory or Gap Fact?
The Creation Museum
This Gets My Blood Pressure Up!

Cosmologies of the Ancient Near East
Cosmology of Abraham's People
An Anthropologist Looks at Genesis 2
The Themes of Genesis 1-3
The Genesis Creation Stories
Literalists in Good Standing?
Rightly Reading Genesis 1-3
Genesis 1 Sets the Scene
Genesis: Just a Story for Ancient Peoples?
Andrew Parker's Genesis Enigma

The Sacred Center in Biblical Theology
Christ's Sign in Creation
Blood and Crosses
Three Specimens to Ponder
Crosses in Astro-Sidereal Theology

C.S. Lewis
C.S. Lewis on Genesis
C.S. Lewis on Evolution
Priestesses in the Church?
C.S. Lewis on the Resurrection

Calculating the Dates of the Patriarchs
Who Wrote Genesis?
Africa in the Days of Noah
Ancient Earthquakes

The Ethnicity of David and Abraham
The Jerusalem that David Knew
Elah Fortress

Days of Creation
Answers to High Schoolers' Questions About the Age of the Earth
Days of Creation: Literal or Figurative?
The Age of the Earth

The Sting of Death
Burial Practices of the Rulers of Old

Deified Sons/Deified Rulers
Enoch: Angelic Being or Deified Ruler?
Why Does Genesis Speak of Gods?
Deified Rulers and the Resurrection
Deified Sons
Potiphar, Son of Horus

Derrida, Jacques
Something Older
Genesis and Jacques Derrida
Levi-Strauss and Derrida on Binary Oppositions

Genesis Through the Lens of the Deuteronomist
Contextual Incongruities in Genesis
Graven Images and Idols
Fundamentalism and Syncretism in Hebrew History

The Problem With Dispensationalism
God Has Made Progress With Us
Dispensationalism and the Three Witnesses

An Anthropologist Looks at Genesis 10
The Kushite Spread of Haplogroup R1*-M173 from Africa to Eurasia
Genesis and Molecular Genealogy
Conscious of Our Human Uniqueness
Hunter-Gatherer Study Inconclusive
Tut's Father Had Two Queens
Ethiopian DNA Study Ignores Significant Data
Abraham was a Descendant of Shem and Ham
Migrations Out of Africa
Denisovan Populations
Sub-Saharan DNA of Modern Jews
Haplogroups of Interest to Biblical Anthropologists
Genetic Risks in Cousin Marriage
Genetic Adam Never Knew Genetic Eve
Genesis and Molecular Genealogy
DNA Confirms Mixed Ancestry of Jews
Mitochondrial Eve
Genesis and Genetics
A Kindling of Ancient Memory

Documentary Hypothesis
The Documentary Hypothesis
Documents, Sources and God's Purpose
Should Genesis Be Taught in Public Schools?

Dreams and Visions
The Dragon and the Beast of Revelation
Dreams in Genesis

Drunken Fathers
Two Passovers and Two Drunken Fathers
Lot's Daughters

Dung Beetle
The Dung Beetle and Celestial Lights
Of Dung Beetles and Red Herrings

Early Bronze Age Settlements
The High Places
The Fertile Crescent and the Cradle of Civilization
Why Nekhen is Anthropologically Significant
Hazor's Destruction: Another Theory
Before the Mummies: The Saharan Antecedents of the Pharaohs

Eastern Orthodoxy
The Orthodox Study Bible
An Eastern Orthodox Approach to Genesis?



False Correlations



Hebrew Language

Hebrew People

High Places
Failed Parallels, Confused People
Hathor Veneration at Timna
Were the Horites Descendants of Cain?
Habiru, Hapiru, 'Apiru, or Hebrew?
The Horite High Places
Frank Moore Cross: Israel's God is the God of the Horites
Ruler-Priests: A cult or a caste?
Denying Marriage: A cunning royal strategy
Lamech's Story and Horite Kinship
The Myth of Israel's Dual Origins
Who Were the Horites?
Samuel's Horite Hebrew Family
Horite Hebrew Territory
Abraham and Job: Horite Rulers
Architecture Links Nabateans and Horites
Kushite and Horite Rulers Linked
Missionary Horite Hebrew Priests
Horite Confederation of Sheba, Jebu and Joktan
Horite Priests and the Hapiru
Some Jews and Arabs Have Horite Blood
The Kenite-Horite Connection
Origins of the Word "Horite"

7000 BC Horse Burial Linked to Sheba
A Tent for the Sun
Petra Reflects Horite Belief
Afro-Asiatic vs Aryan Religion: the Horse as Example

Horus as Messianic Archetype
Seal Connects Hezekiah with Horite Beliefs
Who is Jesus?
The Re-Horus-Hathor Narrative
Jesus and the Horus Narrative
The Eyes of Horus Speak of Jesus
The Double Crown of Horus
Horus, King of the Universe
Potiphar, Son of Horus
Jesus: From Lamb to Ram
Who Were the Horites?
Royal Babies
The Horite Ancestry of Jesus Christ;
Samuel's Horite Family
Moses' Horite Family
The Horite Marriage and Ascendancy Pattern

Human Origins
A Flawed Paradigm
Is Scientific Dating of Fossils Reliable?
Genesis on Human Origins
The Making of Man
Denisovan Finds Create a Stir
Overview of Human Origins
Genesis: Is It Really About Human Origins?
Q and A on Creation vs Evolution
Genesis and Genetics

Image of God (Imago Dei)
Made in the Image of the King
Fr Hopko on the Image and Likeness of God
Evolution and Imago Dei by Sy Garte

Isaac (Yitzak)
Jesus Christ in the Hebrew Scriptures
The Son of God
Jesus Fulfills the Edenic Promise
The Maleness of Jesus
From Cain to Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ in Genesis
The Horite Ancestry of Jesus Christ
Tracing Christ's Kushite Ancestors
Did Jesus Have a Wife?
The Pure One
The MSNBC Spin on Jesus
The Black Messiah
The Christ in Nilotic Mythology
The King is Risen
Jesus: From Lamb to Ram
God With Us
One Greater Than Moses
Jesus Christ's Resurrection in Genesis
Gender Reversal and Sacred Mystery
Jesus Christ of Two Crowns
Christ as Alpha and Omega

John, the Forerunner
Jesus' Baptism by John at Nimrah
The Relationship of John the Baptist and Jesus Messiah

Joktan (Yaqtan)
Abraham's First-born Son
Evidence that Yaqtan was Abraham's firstborn Son
Confederation of Sheba, Jebu and Joktan
Why Jesus Visited Tyre

Joseph (Yosef)
My Life as a Blogger
Where I'm Going with JUST GENESIS
Celebrating 10 years!
Tweet to Love: Celebrating Today!
Welcome to New Readers of JUST GENESIS
JUST GENESIS: Seven Year Anniversary
Why a Blog About Genesis?
Where to Begin Processing Material at JUST GENESIS
Thoughts on Blogging
The Apostle Paul: Rules for Blogging
Another Resource for Readers of JUST GENESIS

Abraham's Nephews and Nieces
Kemuel, Father of Aram the Younger

The Kenite-Horite Connection
Mohammed and the Kenites
Documents, Sources and God's Purpose

Keturah: Wife or Concubine
Women at a Well
Speiser Recognized the Two-Wife Pattern

Kingdom Builders
Dispersion of the Ruler-Priests
The Mighty Men of Old
Genesis on the Ancient Kingdom Builders
Religion of the Archaic Rulers

Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God in Genesis
Yes, Georgia, There is a Kingdom
Does the Kingdom Have a Caste System?

Cousin Brides Among the Hebrew
The Cousin Bride's Naming Prerogative
Abraham's First-born Son
The Genesis King Lists

Kushites (Cushites)
Who Were the Kushites?
Kushite Shrines
Monuments of the Ancient Kushites
Kushites in Mindanao
Kushite Gold
Kushite Diversity and Unity
The Kushite-Kushan Connection
The Kushite Marriage Pattern Drove Kushite Expansion
Kushite Kings and the Kingdom of God
Morkot's Book Might Have Been Stronger
Were the Natufians Kushites?
Moses' Kushite Wife
Kushite Wives
The Migration of Abraham's Kushite Ancestors
DNA Confirms Kushite Migration

Why Rachel Didn't Trust Laban

Analysis of the Genesis 4 and 5 King Lists
John Chrysostom's Interpretation of Lamech's Speech
Lamech Segment Analysis
A Poem: Lamech's Song
Lamech's Story and Horite Kinship
Methuselah's Wife (The daughter of Lamech the Elder)
Life Spans of Lamech and Methuselah

Law Codes
Abraham's Authority and Ancient Law Codes
The Law of Tehut
The Papyrus of Ani
Ancient Moral Codes

Why Rachel Didn't Trust Laban

Levirite Marriage Law
Mother's House and Father's House
Tamar and the Theme of Two Sons

The Myth of Lilith

The Nile and Tigris Linguistically Connected
Phoneme Study Pinpoints Origin of Modern Languages
The Beginnings of Spoken Language
Navajo and Ket are Cognate Languages
Ket-Navajo Connection is Old News
Hausa and Ancient Egyptian
The Afro-Asiatic Dominion

The First Lords and Their Authority
The God of Genesis
The Faith of the Fathers is Our Faith
The Sky Bull as a Messianic Image
The Two Brides of Christ
Antiquity of the Messianic Faith Along the Orontes
What Abraham Discovered on Mount Moriah
The Question of Immortality
Archaic Rulers, Ascendancy, and the Foreshadowing of Christ
Burial Practices of the Rulers of Old
The Proto-Gospel

Methuselah's Age
Methuselah's Wife
St. Jerome on Methuselah
The Life Spans of Methuselah and Lamech

Migration and Human Populations
Was Earth Repopulated After Noah's Flood?
Crete Finds Confirm Migration Out of Africa
Migration of Abraham's Kushite Ancestors
Noah's Sons and Their Descendants
DNA Confirms Kushite Migration

Monastic Views on Genesis
St Anthony the Great on Creation
Abuna Elia Reflects on Genesis
St Jerome on Genesis
Elder Joseph on Adam and Eve
St Ephrem on Creation
Fr Seraphim Rose on Genesis

Why Nekhen is Anthropologically significant
Was the Giza Sphinx a Recumbent Lion?
Orientations of Nilo-Saharan Monuments
Chisel from Herod's Foundation Wall

Moses' Wives and Brothers
Moses' Two Wives
Moses and Abraham Prefigure Christ
One Greater Than Moses
Moses and Abraham: Different Origins of Israel?

Sacred Mountains
Mount Moriah
Horite Territory
Mount Mary and the Origins of Life
Peaks and Valleys
The High Places

Methuselah's Wife
Analysis of the Genesis 4 and 5 King Lists

Is Nehesi the Biblical Name Nahor?
Nahor's Sons
Nahor and His Descendants

Natufian Culture
Natufian Bread Baking

Nephilim: Angels or Ancestors?
UFOs in Genesis?

Nilotic Religion

Nimrod Was a Nilo-Saharan Ruler

Noah's Ark
Debunked Claims of the Ark's Discovery
As in the Days of Noah
Was Noah Mesopotamian or Proto-Saharan?
Noah's Homeland
Noah's Flood: Where and When?
Answers to High Schoolers' Questions About the Flood
Saving Noah
Was Earth Repopulated After Noah's Flood?
Noah's Descendants
Noah's Sons and Their Descendants
Noah's Birds
Noah's Dog
Forty Days and Forty Nights
Noah: The Hollywood Version

Nimrod: Afro-Asiatic Kingdon Builder
Nimrod: A Tall Tale
Before Alexander the Great There was Nimrod
Was Genghis Khan the Last Afro-Asiatic Kingdom Builder?

Number Symbolism
Numbers and the Kingdom of God
Number Symbolism in the Bible
Afro-Arabian Number System
Number Symbolism in Revelation
The Nine Divine Utterances
Methuselah's Real Age
Forty Days and Forty Nights

Nubia in Biblical History
The Nubian Context of YHWH
Nubian Captives
Huge Nubian City
Terah's Nubian Ancestors
Monuments of the Ancient Kushites

Order of Creation
Hierarchy in Creation: The Biblical View
Plato and Intelligent Design
Reality is Cross-Shaped
Thomas Hobbes on Orders of Creation

The Question of Patriarchy
The Paradox of Feminism

Peleg: Time of Division
Noah's Sons and Their Descendants
Why Rachel Didn't Trust Laban

A Reader Asks about Polygenesis
"First People" at Genetic Center

Polygyny (multiple wives)
Polygyny Among Rulers of Abraham's People
Teraphim: Idols or Ancestor Figurines?
Polygyny: Silent Social Challenge

Ten Objections to Women Priests
Male and Female are Primary in Hebrew Scriptures
The Priesthood is About the Blood
The Church's Consensus on Women and the Priesthood
Blood Guilt and Christ's Priesthood
Priests, Shamans and Prophets
What is a Priest?
God as Male Priest
Women Priests and the Anglican Church of North America
Luther Was Wrong About the Priesthood
C.S. Lewis on Women Priests
Women Priests: History and Theology by Patrick Henry Reardon
The Question of Women Priests Must be Addressed
More Thoughts on the Priesthood
Rethinking "Biblical Equality"
Why Women Were Never Priests
What's Lost When Women Serve as Priests?
Some Thoughts on Women Priests
The Messianic Priesthood of Jesus
The Royal Priest Lines of Matthew
The Priesthood and Genesis
The Priesthood as Heavenly Ordinance
The Horite Hebrew Priesthood
Males as Spiritual Leaders: Two Patterns
Shamanic Practice and the Priesthood
Female Shamans, Not Women Priests
What is a Presbyter?
Ideologies Opposed to Holy Tradition
What is Holy Tradition?
The Spread of the Afro-Asiatic Worldview
The Priestly Divisions
Genesis and the Eucharist
Passing Conversation with Priestess Kaeton

The Prophetess Anna
God With Us
God's Word Never Fails
Prophecy in Historical Perspective

Pyramids and Mounds Galore!
Newly Discovered Pyramid Predates Noah
The Pyramids of Bosnia
17 Undiscovered Pyramids Seen from Space
Twin Pyramids and Sphinx in Zinder
More Pyramids in Sudan
Kushan Pyramids in China

Rabbis on Genesis
Rabbi Hirsch on 'The Nations'
Rabbi Kaduri
Rabbi (St.) Paul on Genesis

Seligman's Legacy
The Bible and the Question of Race
About Race, Human Populations, and the Purpose of Mankind

Why Rachel Didn't Trust Laban
Women at a Well
Teraphim: Idols or Ancestor Figurines?
Grasping at Mandrakes

Rebecca Ran to her Mother's House

God's Promise to Abraham and Sarah
Sarah's Story
Sarah's People
Sarah's Laughter

Sacred Center (Biblical Theology)
The Sacred Center in Biblical Theology
Analysis of the Flood Story
Sons Who Stayed Home
Sent-Away Sons

Science and Religion
Support the ASA and CWIS
The Arrogance of Scientism
The Problem with Gould's NOMA
Jesuit Astronomer on Science and Religion

Serpent Symbolism
Answers to Questions About the Serpent in Genesis
The Cosmic Serpent Exposed
The Amorites and Serpent Veneration
The Dragon and the Beast of Revelation
What Happened in the Garden?
The Serpent from Africa to India
The Serpent of Eden

Seth (Set)
The Ruler Seth
The Kingdoms of Cain and Seth
The Descendants of Cain and Seth
Analysis of the Genesis 4 and 5 King List
Seth's First-born Son
Symbols of Authority Linked to Seth and Cain
Using Animal Totems to Trace Ancestry

Some Thoughts on Sex
More Questions About Sex
Genesis on Homosex: Beyond Sodom

7000 BC Horse Burial Linked to Sheba
Sheba and East African Settlements Linked
The Nigerian Boundary of the Jebu-Sheba-Joktan Confederation

The Shechem Abraham Never Knew

Lines of Ham and Shem Intermarried
The God of Shem is the God of Ham

Sheol and the Second Death

Shrines and Temples
Monuments of the Ancient Kushites
The Shrine City of Nekhen
Sun Cities of the Ancient World
Prehistoric Obelisk Found in Judah
Joseph and the Temple at Heliopolis
The Destruction of Hazor: Another Theory
Wells and Brides
Daughters of Priests
Women at Wells
Horite Temples
Orientations of Nilo-Saharan Monuments

Ancient Miners Venerated Hathor
Stone Work of the Ancient World
Genesis and the Stone Age

17 Undiscovered Pyramids Seen from Space
3000 B.C. Rock Carvings in Sudan
Twin Pyramids and Sphinx in Zinder
Nilo-Saharan and Saharo-Nubian Populations

Sun/Solar Imagery
Solar Symbolism Among the R1 Peoples
The Brentford Shard: Chi Rho or Solar Symbol?
A Tent for the Sun
Solar Imagery of the Proto-Gospel
The Sun and Moon in Genesis
Sun Symbolism and Blood Guilt
African Religion Predates Hinduism
The Bull Head in Antiquity
Sun and a Tree of Life Among Magyar

Table of Nations (Genesis 10)
The Genesis 10 Ethnography
Rabbi Hirsch on "The Nations"

The Biblical Theme of Two Sons
Daughters of Priests
The Religion of Tamar of Timna

Genesis and the Stone Age
The Tool Makers of Kathu
500,000 Year Engraved Shell
Silk Production 8000 Years Ago
Time Devices
32,000 Year Old Flour Processing Plant
77,000 Year Old Mattress
70,000 Year Old Python Stone
80,000 Year Old Mining Operations

Terah's Two Wives
Terah Means "Priest"
Terah's Nubian Ancestors
Abraham's Annu Ancestors
Was Terah an Idol Worshipper?

The Teraphim: Idols or Ancestor Figurines?
Why Rachel Didn't Trust Laban

Three-clan Confederations
Isaac's Three Sons
The Horite Confederation of Uz, Buz and Huz
Three Clan Confederations to Twelve Clan Confederations
Nigerian Boundary of Sheba, Jebu and Joktan
Og, Gog and Magog

Totems and Tracing the Horites in History
Using Totems to Trace Ancestry and Marriage Ties

Tower of Babel
The Confusion of Languages

The Tree of Life
The Trees of Prophets
The Fig Tree in Biblical Symbolism
African Religion Predates Hinduism
What Happened to the Cedars of Lebanon?
The Biblical Theme of Two Sons
Cain and Abel Twins?

Two Wives
Horite Hebrew Rulers with Two Wives
The Pattern of Two Wives

Locating Biblical Ur
The Calling of Abraham

Does the Bible Advocate Genocide?
Understanding Violence in the Old Testament by Eric Jobe


Anonymous said...

Your blog is awesome. Period. I'm blown away by the information. Thank you so much for all of your research effort.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the index, it will be such a great help!

I have already discovered that I've missed reading a few of your posts.

What a terrific body of work you have done.

May you continue to find the threads of understanding for many more years.

Tina said...

Wow, what a heroic - and useful - effort! I already link to your blog on my sidebar, but I will add a link to this index post under the "Other Sites of Interest" which is where I put reference resources, and does not update dynamically like the blog list does.

May God use this index to His glory and to further the scientific investigation of all creation - the ultimate ends for which God created science in the first place! :-)

Unknown said...

Sorry! I am going to READ EVERYTHING ON THIS BLOG. Everything. From A-z!

D L Edwards said...

What a fabulous find!
Thank you for sharing your work! I'm blown away.
I landed here when searching for "what language did Abram speak" and will take the time to read through your blog indexed articles.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Many of these topics are discussed at the international Facebook forum The Bible and Anthropology. Readers of this blog would find the conversations there very interesting and informative.