Wednesday, January 17, 2024

My Life as a Blogger

Alice C. Linsley

Recently I was asked about the work that I do as a blogger. To answer that question, I am posting this information about the 7 blogs I manage. I manage two of these for other people. The blogs are listed in the order that they were started.

Just Genesis (Began March 2007)
This blog examines the Book of Genesis through the lens of cultural anthropology, genetics, linguistics, and archaeology. The INDEX of topics considered at this blog is accessed by seminary students, Bible scholars, clergy, and members of the international Facebook group The Bible and Anthropology.

Reflections on the Writing Life (Began March 2007)
Formerly this blog was called "Students, Publish Here!" and it was a platform for my creative writing students, as well as my own thoughts about writing. The INDEX is here: Reflections on the Writing Life: INDEX of Topics (

Ethics Forum (Began April 2008)
I started this blog to help my Ethics students at Midway University find materials related to the course I taught there. The INDEX is here: Ethics Forum: INDEX of Topics (

Biblical Anthropology (Began Sept. 2010)
This blog presents the emerging science of biblical anthropology, a data seeking, empirical approach to the 66 canonical books of the Bible. The INDEX is here: BIBLICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: INDEX of Topics at Biblical Anthropology

Distinctive Discipleship (Began July 2013)
I started this for Ed Lundwall, Jr., a retired Army chaplain. I contribute posts, as does my sister Hope Rapson. The INDEX is here: DISTINCTIVE DISCIPLESHIP: INDEX of Topics (

STEM Education (Began August 2013)
I started this blog and I manage it for Christian Women in Science, an affiliate of the American Scientific Affiliation. It is designed to help Christian students find news reports on various sciences that they may be studying. It is accessed largely by homeschooling parents and their students. The INDEX is here: STEM Education: INDEX of Topics (

Philosophers' Corner (Began March 2013)
I started this blog to help my Philosophy students at Lexington Christian Academy and Midway University (both in Kentucky). The INDEX is here: Philosophers' Corner: Topics at Philosophers' Corner (

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Richard said...

Great list. Many I topics I have direct interest in. I'll have to dip into this fare.