Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Royal Descendants of Adam and Enoch

Analysis of the Marriage and Ascendancy Pattern of Abraham’s Ancestors
Alice C. Linsley ©1981

The diagram shows marriage between of the ruling lines of Cain and Seth (Adam’s sons) and the descendants of their wives, the daughters of Enoch, a contemporary of Adam.

The left side of the diagram lists Cain’s descendants (Gen. 4), and the right side lists Seth’s descendants (Gen. 5). 

The king lists of Genesis 4 and 5 must be studied together to understand the marriage and ascendancy pattern of these early rulers. 

Each ruler had two wives. One wife was a half-sister (as was Sarah to Abraham), and the second wife was a patrilineal cousin (as was Keturah to Abraham). The cousin bride named her first-born son after her father.

Naamah was Methuselah's cousin bride. She named heir first-born son Lamech, after her father.

The line of the cousin wife can be traced through the cousin bride’s naming prerogative. For example: Irad’s daughter married her patrilineal cousin and named their first born son Jared after her father. Irad (YRD) and Jared (YRD) are linguistically equivalent names.

Analysis of the kinship pattern reveals that these biblical rulers had a double unilineal descent pattern in which both the patrilineage and the matrilineage are recognized and honored, but in different ways.

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