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The Royal Descendants of Adam and Enoch

Analysis of the Marriage and Ascendancy Pattern of Abraham’s Ancestors
Alice C. Linsley ©1981

The diagram shows endogamous marriage between of the ruling lines of Cain and Seth (Adam’s sons) and the descendants of their wives, the daughters of Enoch, a contemporary of Adam.

The left side of the diagram lists Cain’s descendants (Gen. 4), and the right side lists Seth’s descendants (Gen. 5). 

The king lists of Genesis 4 and 5 must be studied together to understand the marriage and ascendancy pattern of these early rulers. 

Each ruler had two wives. One wife was a half-sister (as was Sarah to Abraham), and the second wife was a patrilineal cousin (as was Keturah to Abraham). The cousin bride named her first-born son after her father. This is illustrated by Naamah, the daughter of Lamech the Elder. She married her cousin Methuselah and named their first-born son Lamech, after her father.

The line of the cousin wife can be traced through the cousin bride’s naming prerogative. Another example: Irad’s daughter married her patrilineal cousin and named their first-born son Jared after her father. Irad (YRD) and Jared (YRD) are linguistically equivalent names. Likewise, Kain's unnamed daughter married her cousin Enosh and named their first-born son Kenan.

Analysis of the kinship pattern reveals that these biblical rulers had a double unilineal descent pattern in which both the patrilineage and the matrilineage are recognized and honored, but in different ways.

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