Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another False Claim About Adam and Eve

Alice C. Linsley

You can find strange ideas while researching online.  Here is one of the strangest I've found in a long time, written by a preacher:

Yahweh had millions of the pre Adamic, Asiatic and African people around. If He just wanted somebody wide between the shoulders and narrow between the eyes to spade up the garden, He had them. He didn't have to create a special being for that purpose.

Adam and Eve weren't supposed to intermingle with these people. If Negroes and Asiatics were all that Yahweh wanted, He already had them. What He created was a different and separate being who was to be a different sort of person, whom the Negroes and Asiatics could never produce.

From here.

Bottom line: Adam and Ever were white Europeans. They are the only chosen. Negroes and Asiatics are "Satan's seed."  One of Bertrand L. Comparet's cronies, E. Raymond Capt, author of "The Glory of the Stars," and "Great Pyramid Decoded," believed that the throne of David was transferred from Palestine to Europe.

Lord, protect weak minds from such bigotry and abuse of your Word.

It is ironic that people insist on reading Genesis 1-3 as history and and yet ignore the historicity of Genesis 4-11. In this section we find data that is verified by the sciences, especially kinship analysis, DNA studies, migration studies, climate studies, archaeology and linguistics. Were we to pursue the picture of Abraham's ancestors presented in Genesis 4-11 we would better understand the Nilo-Saharan context of the the Genesis 1-3 accounts. Only when we put this material in its proper cultural context will we be able to reconcile science and Scripture.


Anonymous said...

Alice, there are some really creepy people out there!! A fine example of the consequences of sola scriptura.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Hi, Angela. Good to hear from you!

Yes, interpreting Scripture apart from Holy Tradition is always a problem. In this case, the larger problem is racism. These people use the Bible to justify hatred. Creepy indeed!

Anonymous said...

Dear Alice,
One of my best friends referred me to your blog yesterday. Since then I have been immersed, (baptized) in your remarkable scholarship and compelling style. Thank you for sharing your gift and what can only be described as a passion. I have been captivated by your writing and have laughed with glee and wept tears of joy, often simultaneously, at your words. I am a '89 graduate of Nashotah House and "resigned" from TEC in '99. I Wandered in the desert for about two years until I literally stumbled into the oasis of Hospice Care in '01 where I remain today as a Chaplain/Social Worker.

I just want to say that over the past 24 hours I have been truly fed. THANK YOU!!

I look forward to many hours of intellectual and spiritual nourishment as I read the back issues of your work.

I pray that you may have a holy Lent and a Blessed Easter.

With many thanks,
The Rev. David W. Cardona MDiv, MSHS, LBSW

Alice C. Linsley said...

Thank you, Father David, for those kind words.

Ron said...

Dear Alice,

Thank you so much for publishing your essays here. I am captivated.

Adam and Eve, if historical, were not European. But on a somewhat-related note, can you offer any insight as to the reason that the stories of Genesis (as a part of Christianity) found such fertile soil in the European mind alongside or in place of pre-Christian European origin stories.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Ron, the only explanation I have found is the Cross, the most fundamental symbol in creation and universally recognized. It is found in the bisection of the north-south and east-west axes. The cross is evident also where the ecliptic meets the equator, called the “equinoctial points”. In the Ecliptic system the position of a celestial body is measured using Celestial Longitude and Celestial Latitude. This is like describing latitude and longitude on the surface of the Earth, except in the latter we use the Earth's equator, which is perpendicular to the Earth's axis of rotation (forming a cross).

The perpendicular nature of the directional poles, the equinoctial points, and the equator-axis make the cross the most fundamental metaphysical symbol. It underpins the cosmological understanding of all peoples because it is a picture of observable reality.

Ross said...