Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hawking and the Beginning of Time

Stephen Hawking has taken some ridicule from fellow scientists over remarks on his talk show that humans should not seek contact with aliensSome scientists agree with him, believing that humans are not sufficiently evolved to defend ourselves against superior beings. Others considered his statements to be beyond the scope of astrophysics and more suited to the provoactive nature of British television. What follows is an interesting and largely unknown view of the brilliant scientist.

As Steven Hawking... boasted many years thereafter, we proved that time was created. We proved that time has a beginning. But through his contacts with certain Christians like his wife Jane, who's an Anglican, as a friend of mine from Cal Tech, Don Page, who had daily Bible studies with Steven and Jane Hawking while he was doing research pointed out, if you prove that time has a beginning, that it was created, it eliminates all theological possibilities but Jesus Christ.

Of all world religions, only Judeo-Christian theology says Time has a beginning.
Why? Because if you were to open up the Holy books of the religions of the world, only one of them would describe God as a being that creates the universe independent of time, space, matter and energy.

The other Holy books describe God as creating within time. The Bible states that God creates independent of time. That's the difference.

Some verses that you might be familiar with: The first verse which states, “In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth…” The Hebrew words for heavens and Earth literally refer to the entire physical cosmos of matter, energy space and time. The universe.

Hebrews 11:3 makes it more specific stating, “The universe that we detect was made from that which we cannot detect.” We can make detections within matter, energy, length, width, height and time, but not beyond.

Eight places in the Bible tell us that God created time. I'll give you two examples: 2 Timothy 1:9 which states, “The Grace of God that we now experience was put into effect before the beginning of time” and Titus 1:2 which states, “The hope that we have in Jesus Christ was given to us before the beginning of time.”

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Thanks, Brent.

It is taking longer than I imagined to finish the manuscript. There is so much research to cross reference in the notes. My new deadline is 1 September. I have 5 potential publishers. When its published I'll see that you receive a signed copy!

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Ms. Linsley, that is fantastic. I knew you would receive keen interest by well-known publishers. The Triune
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