Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Diverse Readership

Here are some recent e-mail communications I've received. They come from people who read Just Genesis and represent the diverse readership.

January 4, 2011

Shalom Alice,
Just a thumbs up to say that I agree with your research on the kinship analysis. I have used one of your articles in my AF Bible on Keturah and give you credit for it. I agree with your research on kinship analysis however we may disagree on Adam being an archetype. I do not think he was an archetype as I see a real person there and see the pattern in of North/South divide in his two wives, one Lilith not documented but in the scriptures and one Chava. I have used these patterns to arrive at many relations of Yahushua (Jesus) in the Renewed Covenant writings in my book Beyth Yahushua. Thank you for your site and your valuable research. Though I have done research on this but I do not publish all mine as mostly it is private for teaching purposes.

The Rabbinic schools do not know these things and are too stuck in the Talmud to recognize any of this however that least bothers our work in both Asia and Africa to restore the lost sheep to the House of Israel.

Shalom B'Shem
Blessings in Yahushua
Rabbi Simon Altaf

Rabbi Simon Altaf
Ha'Shem is my strength and my song; He has become my Yahshuah.

January 3, 2011

Dear Alice,
In the late 1950's a world renown naval architect, Howard Chaplelle got into a rather hateful debate on the USS Constellation.

The Original ship was built before 1800 and the keel was so marked. Chapelle looked at the vessel and said it was built just before the civil war. This enraged the citizens of Baltimore (probably others too). Chapelle was alone is stating that the custom was to take salvageable wood from previous vessels and incorporate them into the new vessel. Both vessels in this case had the same name. The critics were extremely harsh.

After his death “science” and other records caught up with Chapelle. He was proved right and his critics were proven wrong.

The vessel now sits in Baltimore harbor with a proper history and Chapelle's finds are incorporated into the “record”.

So dear friend, even if you are right you will catch heck.

Anyway... illegitime non carborundum

The Rev. Paul Taylor, Priest
Washington Area Ministry

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