Wednesday, February 23, 2011

12 Blogs on Creation and Evolution

Alice C. Linsley

Someone sent me a link to this list of "creationist" blogs and asked me to post it for my readers. Most of the blogs represent theistic evolution.  Unique among all the blogs on creation and evolution, Just Genesis
  • takes an anthropological approach to the study of Genesis
  • acknowledges the great age of the earth and of human existence
  • rejects Darwinian theory on the basis that the material evidence isn't there
  • asserts that Genesis interprets itself on questions of origins
  • shows that the first verifiably historical persons in Genesis are kings listed in Genesis 4 and 5
  • examines the material in its original cultural context, that of ancient Nilotic peoples
  • argues that Genesis isn't about human origins. It is about the origin of Messianic expectation among Abraham's Kushite ancestors


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice! I had to check in to catch up on your blog and saw this posting. Evolution is something I've been studying about here recently, and I'm wondering if you had read any good criticisms of it that you can recommend. There's no shortage of pro-Darwinian books out there, and I've read a couple.

One that I did stumble upon was David Berlinski's "The Deniable Darwin". He also has a short series of You Tube videos done by Coldwater media that are really hillarious and witty. I think David is a secular Jew and an agnostic, but his writings tend to poke at the atheistic-Darwinian crowd more.

Anyways, I would be interested to hear if you've any reading suggestions for a counter-view of Darwinian evolution. Also, did your book make it out?

Alice C. Linsley said...

Unfortunately, Darwin holds the day in the USA. Not so in Russia where the Patriarch and hierarchs of the Orthodox Church have called for liberation from the Darwin monopoly.

The Bible is the best resource for understanding God's design in Creation. It tells us that there is a fixed hierarchy of creatures and fixed boundaries between the "kinds" in the hierarchy. The boundaries stretch only so far genetically. This stretch was called "flux" in the ancient world. Today we call it "change" but it isn't really change, since nothing really changes. What we see are fluctuations.

Scientists are testing the genetic boundaries in cloning and so far cloning has been a failure. There are many other examples of the fixed nature or constancy of the order of creation. I've written several essays o nthis topic. You will find them under Evolution and Creation in the INDEX.