Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday: Do Not Flee

Today as I said goodbye for the long weekend to my students I asked them what they planned for this weekend.  Some plan to attend Easter services, but most see this as a break from school work and an opportunity to sleep in and hang out with friends. One told me that she's going to be at Keeneland on Good Friday for the horse races.

I explained to my classes that millions of Christians around the world spend this weekend at church services and totally fast on Good Friday, but it was as if I were speaking jibberish for most of them.  We would rather think and do things that make us comfortable and allow us to flee from the Cross.

The horror, the ugliness, the brutality of the cross is enough to make us want to flee.  Yet the love we feel keeps us close to the Suffering Servant, just as Mary, and the other women, and faithful John stayed close.

Look upon Him who they crucified and weep. 

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