Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trace the Migration of Modern Man

A faithful reader of Just Genesis is taking a course on China at Harvard.  Here is the link the professor uses to explain the "peopling of the world." It is very well done and sound factually, though a little out of date.  I hope the resource will be updated.

Note that the point of Man's origin is Africa. This is also the point of origin of the Edenic Promise (Gen. 3:15) and the point of origin of Abraham's ancestors.

The rulers listed in Genesis 4 and 5 pertain to the late Holocene so when we meet Kain and his brother Seth, we are at the end of the video.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Linsley, have you made or are you able to make a connection between the Horite binary worldview and the Yin/Yang of ancient Chinese culture? Not sure if there is any connection but do wonder. Best and respectfully, Brent

Alice C. Linsley said...

The binary worldview of Abraham's Horite people is quite different from the dualism represented in Ying-Yang. In a binary worldview one entitiy of the binary set is superior in observable ways to the other. Yet they are still complementary. The sun is greater than the moon. The Sun was associated with the masculine principle and the Moon with the female principle. God is greater than Man and therefore able to help, defend and restore Man. The kenosis of which St.Paul speaks in Galatians is at the heart of our understanding of who Christ. He "emptied Himself" of his superiority in order to help us who are inferior. Jesus Christ is the Son of God (the Seed/Grain of Gen. 3:15) who came down from heaven and became Man that He might lift us to heaven and renew Mankind.