Friday, August 16, 2013

Key to Science and Scripture Alignment

Alice C. Linsley

I like this chart because it shows that human interpretation is key to the alignment of the testimony of Scripture and the testimony of Nature. Both speak about the one and the same Creator and the one and the same Logos.  If there is discrepancy in small details, that likely means we are facing Truth. Truth is not linear and exact. It is often quirky and paradoxical. 

If there is contradiction between the testimony of Scripture and the testimony of Science in the overall pattern, however, we are certainly facing falsehood. It comes down to human interpretation, so we better get it right.

 Theistic Evolution's Photos

Misinterpretation of material in Genesis can lead to bad theology and ignoring pertinent Biblical data in developing scientific hypotheses can lead to bad science. Humility, diligence, and disciplined reading of the data are needed to see the overall pattern found in the testimony of both Scripture and Science.


Anonymous said...

Good topic Alice... I am learning this now. The bible can be approached scientifically. It's about understanding the underlying principles and knowing what method to use when approaching the subject matter.
This may have been the motive employed by the ancients to explain and pass down their findings. They understood how man fits into the larger cosmic and earthly scheme. There are patterns (signs) that continue on in a cycle.

nice article


Alice C. Linsley said...

I believe that you are correct, Tauemyah.

Sadly, this Facebook comment reflects the attitude of many in science who are not so well informed:

"Alice Linsley, Biblical data is never necessary in developing a scientific hypothesis.and any hypothesis that references scripture is bad science and would not be accepted in a peer reviewed process. Are you aware of how peer reviewed science works?"

My response to Ellie Mae Meeker was: "I am a Biblical Anthropologist and can state without reservation or prevarication that the anthropologically significant data in Genesis has been key to reconstruction of the culture, religion, and to understanding and tracking the diffusion of Abraham's Nilo-Saharan ancestors across the ancient world. Without that data we would not know about the ancient Ainu, the Kushites, and the red Nubians."

Alice C. Linsley said...

I don't worry about gaining peer endorsement - a very political process, if we be honest. I've written my thoughts on that here:

At this point my research is read widely and often quoted. I have published over 1500 articles, essays and papers. When it comes to my kinship analysis research, I have no peers. That sounds prideful, but believe me, I am humbled that God would use me in a small way to point to Truth.