Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TEC Activists Hate the Nigerian Church

Alice C. Linsley

The 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church has removed the final canonical obstacles to the "full inclusion" of non-celibate homosexuals to holy orders. They may now be ordained and their "unions" may be blessed in the churches. Of course, this has been going on for a good while in TEC so this isn't really news.

The story behind this story is the Anglican Church of Nigeria, which was blasted by a leading gay-rights activist who believes that divorce contradicts sexual ethics and because it is permitted in the Church, so should homosexuality be permitted (even 'celebrated', as Gene Robinson insists).

This leading activist is my former bishop and the man who has to sign my retirement papers in 2 weeks. He said: "It is time for the church be liberated from hypocrisy under which it has been operating about our gay brothers and sisters. Divorce contradicted sexual ethics. Our gay and lesbian members don't think much about what other Anglicans around the world think. The Nigerians are our most ardent critic. The Scribes and the Pharisees tied people up in burdens..." (Read the full report here.)

It should be noted that the heretic bishop puts forth a straw man in this argument. The Church does not oppose divorce. It opposes divorce and remarriage, unless it can be shown that the marriage was never valid.

The revisionist Bishop Stacy Sauls recently stated, "The Nigerians are our most ardent critic." Humm... Perhaps we should ask why that is?

The Nigerians know the Bible and Holy Tradition because they live in the crucible where Abraham's faith was formed. They affirm the male-female pattern of God's creation and recognize the deviance.

When Africans read Genesis they hear the Proto-Saharan and Nilotic resonances of Abraham's ancestors. They note the similarity between the biblical worldview and their own.

They recognize the similarities between the creation stories of Genesis and African creation stories.

Noah's homeland is Bor'no near Lake Chad in northern Nigeria. This is the only place on Earth claimed by the natives to be Noah's homeland. It is shown of this map as the dark red spot in central Africa. The priestly lines, from which Jesus Messiah came, originated among the ancestors of people living in the region of Lake Chad and the Upper Nile. These peoples are in Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b. This has been verified through linguistics, archaeology, migration studies, climate studies, DNA, and cultural anthropology.

So the weight of Holy Tradition and right doctrine is on the side of the Anglican Church of Nigeria and its Primate, Archbishop Peter Jasper Akinola, who is vehemently hated and constantly vilified by gay activists who want to change the Church.

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