Friday, August 7, 2009

Extent of the Fall

Question number four of the Nine Meaty Questions is: "If there were several original human couples, were they all involved in the fall?"

Answer: Mitochondrial samples suggest that all humans descend from more than one original mother. We receive our mitochondria from our mothers, so mitochondria studies trace bloodline through the mother, as did Abraham's people.

Genetists have identified 9 genetic groupings or "haplogs" for the human race. This would be no surprise to the Gikuyu who believe that the First Parents had 9 daughters.

Or perhaps the first man had multiple wives (suggested by Genesis), or there may have been multiple sets of original parents (not excluded by Genesis and suggested by linguistics).

We may never know the mechanism whereby 9 haplogs came to be, but we do know that all human beings were created by God, not as machines, but as creatures with the freedom to choose. Our free will is most free when our souls are spiritually healthy by God's grace at work in us.

Sometimes we choose righteousness, seeking restored communion with our Creator and only Savior. We are able to do this by God's grace. Sometimes we choose to rebel against the Creator and the created order, and when we choose this path, we are aided in our rebellion by Satan, the destroyer.

The universal extent of the Fall is evident from the universal extent of death. As all humans die, it is evident that all humans are under the curse of death, a curse that has been undone by the Incarnation, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

God understands our nature better than we understand ourselves. HE knows that we are but dust and to dust we shall return. HE knows the extent of our days, that we wither like the grass. HE knows when we do good and receives our good deeds as being done unto HIM (Matt. 25:40). HE knows when we fail to do good and recieves our failings as being done unto HIM (Matt. 25:45). HE knows when we are being led to do evil by dark spirits. HE knows when the angels of light surround, protect and guide us. HE knows that evil ultimately goes down in defeat.

His grace and mercy extend higher and deeper than the curse.

So while none can escape sin and death, all may receive the gift of eternal life through true repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, who is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. By His death He has trampled down death and by His life He restores life.

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