Monday, January 27, 2014

Blogging to Communicate the Gospel

Alice C. Linsley

This blog began on March 22, 2007 and will soon be seven years running. Thanks to all who read, comment and email me with your thoughts, observations, concerns and questions. You stretch me spiritually and intellectually.

Some readers use the links at Just Genesis to visit other blogs and websites. These are blogs that I believe readers of Just Genesis will find helpful and interesting. One is written by an Anglican Traditionalist who is also very evangelical, Bishop Chislett. Bishop David's blog is always informative and theologically grounded in the catholic tradition.  I met him when I went to Australia to speak at the Forward in Faith Conference about 5 years ago.

Another link is to the blog of an Orthodox priest Stephen Freeman. His posts are thoughtful and inspiring. Virtueonline is a great site for Anglican news and views, and Naturalis Historia is the informative blog of an old-earth Christian geologist.

I have also included links to my other blogs: Ethics Forum; Biblical Anthropology and Philosophers' Corner.

Standing on My Head is the blog of Fr. Dwight Longenecker, a Roman Catholic priest. Fr. Longenecker is always engaging and often very humorous. Here is what he says about blogging the Gospel:

"My blog, Standing on My Head has a daily readership of about 2,000 people. They visit my blog from across the USA and around the world. They come back for my own peculiar blend of Catholicism, comment on converts, apologetics, humor, inspiration and personal information. Not only can I publish instantly and globally, but the medium is friendly. Regulars make comments and discussions get started on what I have posted." (Read more here.)

Clergy who like to write and have good communication skills should launch out into the blogging waters. Fishers of men belong at sea! The technological side is not too difficult to master, and once you get going, you’ll be surprised by the number of people you touch.

What to write? Proclaim the Gospel! Keep it short and pithy. Most importantly, speak the truth simply and with enthusiasm, and before you let down your net make sure you have spent time with God. Before Christ told the disciples to let down their nets he told them to “cast out into the deep.”

Related reading:  The Apostle Paul: Rules for Blogging; Thoughts on Blogging; Who is Jesus?; Pope Francis says the internet is "a gift from God"


Unknown said...

OK, Alice, here'snother one from an Anglican perspective. I am a traditionalist of the non-grumpy variety. The blog is called Glad Streams ( I write about scripture, liturgy and the challenges of living in a fallen world. I do not post as frequently as I should. Mea culpa, Pat Lynch

Alice C. Linsley said...

Hi, Patrick. I have visited your blog on several occasions. Thanks for calling it to our attention. Keep up the good work!