Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christian Faith Emerges From Faith of Abraham

Alice C. Linsley

There isn't much that is original in true Christianity. It isn't a religion for people who seek innovation or who prefer a belief system that is open to modification and personal preferences. People who seek innovation in religion will either try to change Christianity or will stay away. Unlike synthetic religions which cobble together beliefs and ideas, Christianity is an organic religion that emerges out of a belief that God made a promise in Eden and that He has been busy fulfilling it in the God-Man Jesus Christ.

Most people think of Christianity as an off-shoot of Judaism. However, the core of Christianity can be traced back to Abraham and his Nilo-Saharan ancestors, long before there were Jews and Judaism. In this sense, Christianity isn't original. What it lacks in originality, it makes up for in antiquity and herein rests its authority.

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Ross said...

Interesting article, and provocative as well. As a Protestant at times I've had a low opinion of the Catholic tradition and its emphasis on Mary.

Alice C. Linsley said...

The Protestant reaction to abuses of the Medieval Roman hierarcy is natural. It can be corrected by radical application of the Reformation principle of Scriptural authority. When we look more deeply at the scope of the Bible, paying dclose attention to the genealogical data, we must conclude that the whole book is about one Person, the promised Son of God, born of the Woman (Gen. 3:15) who came in the divine person of Jesus Christ. He is both King over an eternal dominion, and Priest, by whose blood the world is redeemed.