Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Wading Across" Reviews Just Genesis

This honest and balanced review of Just Genesis thrills me. I loved reading it. God bless you, owner of the blog Wading Across, who wrote on August 17:

I want to point you to a resource that I came across recently. Just Genesis, written by Alice C. Linsley. While I remain somewhat bemused and slightly skeptical of some of her conclusions, she is providing a viewpoint that, frankly, I find revolutionary – if not “problematic” – for “fundamentalist” types like me, and I actually enjoy it. She’s an anthropologist, and she’s also a strong, devout Christian from what I’ve read so far. She is putting traditional views of our early history from a Christian viewpoint on its ear. In one sense she’s destroying traditionally held beliefs, and in another sense she’s giving it stronger support and expanding it.

She is not a Young Earth Creationist, but she does not accept macro-evolution. She does believe the Flood occured, but that it was regional. She also believes that not only did Seth and Cain’s lines intermarry, but that Cain’s line survived the flood and that Shem and Ham’s lines intermarried. And on and on it goes. At the very least, she provides an interesting read that you’ll find yourself coming back to, giving you much to think about and talk about. Trust me, this is good coffee klatch discussion material! …Ahem (you know who you are)!

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Prayer:  Father in Heaven, you look upon the heart and you know our yearnings.  Fulfill in us that which you purpose according to your will; that we might be conformed to the perfection of Jesus your Christ, and our works found pleasing to you on the last day.  Amen.


Wading Across said...

Alice, umm, while I thank you very much... a slight correction is in order. I am not Mr. Roycroft. Mr. Roycroft has commented on my blog previously and "follows" me from his own blog. I cannot answer for him as to what he'd think of your blog and subject matter, though, if he likes my stuff, he'd probably like yours.

While my name is discernable to those with enough online investigative gumption, I tend to only go by this online handle because my name is unusual, thus rare and I often talk about touchy subjects... and I ramble... like now.

No harm, no foul. Keep up your awesome work. Looking forward to hearing when you've released your books.

In Christ, Wading Across - not J. Roycroft (though he'll probably get a kick out of this if he word searches his name online as I often do for my own!)

Alice C. Linsley said...

Wading, I do apologize. I don't why how I concluded that you were J. Roycroft. Bit of a quandry as to how to fix this, but will do so.

Thanks for the encouraging words.

Only two chapters left to complete for the first book - 10 Myths About Abraham. It is slow work as I also have two teaching jobs.

Wading Across said...

Well, I have an idea for a novel that's been percolating and sitting in the back burner of my brain for well near twenty years now... other than a couple of jottings, I've not done much else with it... and other than taking care of four children... I don't work.

No apologies necessary. I think I know how it happened, and it's nothing.

Anyhow, on a related note to your site, several years ago I read Werner Keller's, The Bible As History and found it a very enjoyable read - even if I didn't agree with some of his evident stances and errors. On the whole it was a very worthwhile read that opened up the past and the Bible that much more. Much like you're endeavoring to do.

Ron said...

Wading Across wrote, "and other than taking care of four children... I don't work."

I think you mean that you don't receive a paycheck for the work you do.

Wading Across said...

Ron - Yeah, you're right. My wife constantly reminds me that I am "working". One one level, she's right, but it is hard to think of taking care of your own children and home as "work". I just look at it as what you're supposed to do.

Heh... and some might say I do get paid... in love, screaming fits, snotty noses and poopy diapers!

Alice C. Linsley said...

Wading, I have four children and raised them mostly as a single parent, so I do understand. May God bless you doubly!

Margaret said...


I am so excited, you have two chapters left! I look forward to ordering my copy, and a few more for friends!


Ron said...

Alice, have you found a publisher yet?

Alice C. Linsley said...

Hi, Ron. I want to spend my time writing the second book in the series - 10 Myths About Noah. In order to do that, I'm going to ask an agent to handle marketing the first book. As far as I'm concerned the best one for this job is Peter Miller in NYC.

I met him years ago at the Kent State Writers Conference. In those days I was writing fiction.

Ed said...

I'm excited, Alice. I'd love to buy a copy when it comes out!

Ingemar said...

Dear Alice,

I wonder, has anyone ever used you as a reference? I don't mean to sound overly hostile, but I want to know if "Abraham is a Horus-worshipper" has any serious academic backing and is not unsupported original research.

Alice C. Linsley said...

My research as an anthropologist using the biblical text aligns with findings in many fields, including archaeology, linguistics, migration studies, climate studies, kinship analysis, DNA studies and historical records of ancient Afro-Asiatics. I stand by the research and would be glad to engage anyone who wishes to challenge my findings.

The Genesis 36 genealogical information about Seir the Horite and the two Esaus is key to understanding that the rulers of Abraham's people were devotees of HR and his virgin mother Hathor. Horus is the Greek name for HR.

My research is cited quite often, I've found, and sometimes by people I would not expect to show interest.

Were the world to ignore what I've spent 33 years piecing together, I would still do this research.