Friday, November 4, 2011

Answers to the Quiz

Here are the answers to the most recent quiz:

Multiple Choice.

Who was Peleg's brother?
A. Dedan
B. Joktan   This is Joktan (Yaqtan) the Elder. Joktan is also the name of Abraham's firstborn son.
C. Ramah
D. None of the above.

What does Terah mean?
A. priest   Tera is an Ainu word meaning priest. Abraham's father was a priest.
B. idol worshiper
C. foreigner
D. warrior

What was Abraham's ethnicity?
A. Horite
B. Habiru
C. Hebrew
D. All of the above  The Horites were a caste or ruler-priests who were called "ha-biru." They were temple attendants in the ancient Afro-Asiatic world. Habiru (hbr) was rendered "Hebrew" in English Bibles.

How many sons did Abraham have?
A. 2
B. 5
C. 7
D. 9  The Septuagint lists Eliezar as a son of Abraham, son of his concubine Masek.

When did Noah's flood happen?
A. about 4500 years ago   Noah's deluge took place during the late Holocene Wet Period in Africa.
B. about 6500 years ago
C. about 10,000 years ago
D. about 12,000 years ago

The Biblical description of Noah's flood represents...
A. the perspective of Noah and his descendants
B. the account of the Biblical author
C. the collective memory of Moses' Horim (the Horites)
D. All of the above   Moses was a descandant of Noah and Abraham. Moses' family was Horite.

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