Saturday, August 18, 2012

Colleges Old Earth Creationists Should Avoid

If you are an old earth creationist you probably should avoid these colleges:

Bob Jones University
Cedarville University
Jackson Hole Bible College
Liberty University
Northland International University
Ohio Christian University 
Pensacola Christian College
Tennessee Temple University
Warner University

Read the list and Answers in Genesis (AiG) statement here. Phil Jones critiques the AiG statement here.

I expose the false assumptions of Young Earth Creationism in the following articles:

False Assumption #1: Genesis is history and should be read as a chronological account

False Assumption #2:  The Genesis "begats" list the first people living on Earth

False Assumption #3:  Bishop Ussher's timeline is reliable and can be used to calculate the age of the Earth

False Assumption #4:  All the peoples of the Earth came from Noah’s three sons

False Assumption #5:  Diversity of languages and skin color is the result of God’s judgment at the Tower of Babel

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