Saturday, March 22, 2014

JUST GENESIS Seven Year Anniversary

Alice C. Linsley

This blog began on March 22, 2007. Today marks seven years of blogging on the book of Genesis and related topics such as theories of creation, the dispersion of peoples in Genesis 10, Abraham's Nilo-Saharan ancestors, the origin of Messianic expectation among the Horites, the Afro-Asiatic context of Genesis, the urheimat of the Canaanite Y and the Nubian context of YHWH.

I believe the research I have been doing for the past 35 years has proven to be helpful for many people. Pray that more will be helped to understand Scripture and God's plan for the whole of creation.

The topics covered at JUST GENESIS are listed alphabetically in the INDEX.

Here are some responses to the research:

"Alice, you are an amazing scholar! I have been searching for toponymic evidence for Enoch in Africa for a long time. You are a brave pioneer. Your blog is a box of jewels. I wish I could examine each gem more closely."-- Susan Burns, Biblical Anthropologist (Washington)

Just Genesis is "an interesting blog dedicated to anthropological sleuthing of pre-Abrahamic origins."-- Madison Gentsch (Texas)

"Alice C. Linsley is an original and originals are few."--the late Igbo scholar Catherine Acholonu Ph.D

"I have been immersed, (baptized) in your remarkable scholarship and compelling style. Thank you for sharing your gift and what can only be described as a passion."-- Father David W. Cardona (USA)

"If only Christian discourse in this country were filled with such enlightened, such profound insights into the origins of human thought and life! You do us all a great service in writing things like this."-- Arturo Vasquez (California)

"She has an excellent blog. I am amazed at the sources she analyzes and presents in her blog."-- Clyde Winters Ph.D (USA)

"Alice, thank you so much for your research and blog. I am in my senior year at an evangelical university and taking a course in Genesis, but cannot reconcile with what's being taught. Your work has encouraged my faith in a way that words fail right now."-- Adam (USA)

"You are an excellent researcher. Your insights have the effect of exploding fluorescence. You have made me feel like the eons gone past are just within our reach; we don't need to look very far."--John Ogutu (Luo consultant from Kenya)

"I have read your blog for about two months now and what has been bothering me mentally for the past 50 years have been lightened. In my younger years I asked my grandfather why he faces the sun praying and he would say 'because it is the emblem of God.' He would kiss the ground but in all his life he was not a follower of Islam. In fact, in the catholic church in Dauis, Bohol his grandfather Damiano Bulang's name is etched in the first right side column. How I wish I can show my father to you in his position while performing his dawn prayer facing the sun, and I can hug him today."--Jose C. Bulang (The Philippines)

"Alice, I am thoroughly taken with your blog. What a wonderful gift! Keep up the great work."--William G. Brown, Ph.D. (Midway College, Kentucky)

"In terms of tertiary studies, I learned Old Testament from 'extreme liberals' as well as 'moderate conservatives.' Then for years I felt satisfied that, although by no means a specialist, I had worked out a sensible approach to the Old Testament that was authentically Christian while avoiding the pitfalls of fundamentalism, marcionism and liberalism . . . especially with regard to the Book of Genesis. That was until I found Alice Linsley's work.

JUST GENESIS combines her biblical, historical, theological, cultural, historical, anthropological and archeological research, and takes the reader into fascinating areas which really do make sense (and have caused me to change quite a number of my previously held views!)."-- Bishop David Chislett (Australia) Read the full review here.


Margaret said...

May you have many, many more years!

Alice C. Linsley said...

Thanks, Margaret. I am content to have as many years as Christ grants me.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Linsley, you know how much I respect the work you do. You've been an inspiration for years and continue to be. Thanks for your good work, research, and dedication to truth. I hope to read your blog for many years to come. Respectfully and best, Brent