Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Deceiving Worm

Alice C. Linsley

On Maundy Thursday Christ our God instituted the Supper by which His people receive every spiritual benefit and blessing. It is His perfect gift to the Church: His very Body and Blood and the token of immortality.  He has faced death, the final enemy. He has overturned the corruption of this world. He has crushed the Deceiving Worm beneath his feet.

Judas was well deceived and his end was tragic.  The cosmic serpent communicates by many means and uses many tactics. Judas must have experienced these. Doubt, beguilement, distortion...

In what way does the serpent of Genesis represent deception? It raises doubt by asking, "Did God really say?" (Gen. 3:1)

The Deceiving Worm contradicts God's word, saying, "You are not going to die." (Gen. 3:4)

The Worm insinuates that God is not good. Eve is directed to consider that God is withholding something good from her.

There is beguilement. Eat the fruit and you will be like God.  How pleasant it is to look upon!

This night, as deceived Judas goes out to betray our Lord, let us contemplate the wonder of the Worm's defeat, not by sword or strongholds, but by the Blood of the Lamb.

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