Friday, April 18, 2014

The Lamb is Bound

From His side came blood and water, the primal elements of life.

By His blood comes purification that He might present us blameless to the Father.

On Good Friday the Deceiving Worm struck Christ's heel and Christ crushed the Worm’s head. The disobedience of the First Eve is reversed by obedience of the Second Eve, the Blessed Theotokos. The evil one can never claim that God has used the advantage of divinity against him since he is defeated by a humble woman whose will cooperated with God’s will to bring forth the Incarnate One.

Having raised His Only Begotten from death, God honors Him in a great wedding feast. Christ claims his bride. She belongs to Him for He has bought her with His blood, His precious love offering and a bride price of immeasurable value.

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