Monday, November 29, 2010

Human Origins from Acid Bogs!

Here is the claim of bacteria with an "intermediate cell structure" as the missing link in the origin of life according to Darwinian evolution.  Since waste treatment plants were created by humans they can't be the cause of our existence.  But trees and plants that decay and form acid bogs... now that's a possibility!  Genesis teaches that God made the plant life first, so Evangelical evolutionists can claim this as the mechanism... if they buy the assumption of an evolutionary path from prokaryotic to eukaryotic cells.

Genesis also teaches that there is a hierarchy among created things with plants being lower than animals and humans being at the top. Why assume that the more complex cell structure developed from the less complex?  In a hierarchy these can exist simultaneously. This never enters the minds of these men who are committed to Darwinian explanations only.  Here is an excerpt from the Nov. 26 report:

"Our discovery means that the appearance of eukaryotic cells on Earth can be explained by Darwinian evolution over billions of years rather than a 'big bang' fusion theory," says cell biologist Dr Emmanuel Reynaud from University College Dublin, one of the co-authors of the scientific paper.

"Our analysis shows that PVC [Planctomycetes, Verrucomicrobiae, Chlamydiae] bacteria, members of which are commonly found in today's sewage treatment plants or acid bogs, represent an intermediate type of cell structure. They are slightly bigger than other known bacteria, and they also divide more slowly."

"The structure of PVC suggests that it is an ancestor of a 'missing link' cell which connected prokaryotic to eukaryotic cells along an evolutionary path all those billions of years ago," says Dr Damien P Devos from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany, who co-authored the scientific paper.

Darwinians can't explain human origins and necessarily make a case against human uniqueness. Now we are merely a complex arrangement of sewage.

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Now if they can only turn it into biofuel...
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