Friday, May 31, 2013

Clergy Poorly Informed on Theories of Creation

Christianity Today: Pastors' Positions on Creation vs. Evolution Vary by Region, Church Size

Regardless of which position they personally support, clergy agree that disagreements over origins harm Christian outreach. However, they disagree on the nature of this harm.

While 85 percent of YEC pastors assert that “Christian disagreement on matters of creation and evolution is compromising our witness to the world,” 63 percent of TE pastors disagree with the statement. Meanwhile, 63 percent of TE pastors assert that “The church’s posture toward science prevents many non-Christians from accepting Christianity”, while 59% of their YEC and PC counterparts disagree.

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Clergy that are not informed about the choices beyond Darwinian Evolution or Young Earth Creationism are not prepared to lead their congregations in consideration of the scientific data and how it aligns very well with the data of Genesis.

Note that the Essentialist viewpoint is not considered in the survey. This is due to lack of information about this Biblical and scientifically supported position.

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