Saturday, January 28, 2017

Noah's Brother

Alice C. Linsley

The Qumran Scroll known as Genesis Apocryphon is a midrash on Genesis. Here we find extra-biblical evidence for the patrilineal endogamous marriage pattern of the ancient Habiru (Hebrew). Noah states in Column 6:
"Then I procured wives for my sons from among the daughters of my brother, and I gave my daughters to the sons of my brother in accordance with the eternal law."

The intermarriage of patrilineal ruler-priest lines is a feature of the marriage and ascendancy pattern of the Horite Habiru (Hebrew). Noah's clan intermarried with his brother's clan. Presumably both clans resided in adjacent territories in the Lake Chad-Upper Nile region. 

The homeland of Noah and his brother is represented
by the red region in central Africa.

Who was Noah's brother? He was another son of Enoch, the son of Lamech the Younger, the son of Methuselah and Naamah. Naamah is the daughter of Lamech the Elder. Lamech the Elder is a direct descendant of Cain (Genesis 4).

Lamech the Younger (Gen. 5:26), son of Methuselah by his cousin wife, ascended to the throne of Lamech the Elder (Gen. 4:20-22).

This same pattern is found with the brothers Cain and Seth, Ham and Shem, and Korah and Moses.

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