Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Priesthood in Anthropological Perspective

Alice C. Linsley

St. Basil the Great
I have written a great deal about the origin and nature of the priesthood. Here are links to some of my articles and articles written by other people.

The Male Priesthood Has Deep Roots
Why Women Were Never Priests
Priestesses in the Church by C.S. Lewis
The Priesthood in England - Part 1
The Priesthood in England - Part 2
The Priesthood in England - Part 3
The Priesthood in England - Conclusion
What is a Priest?
What is the Priesthood?
The Priesthood and Genesis
Blood Guilt and Christ's Priesthood
Ruler-Priests of Genesis
Luther Was Wrong About the Priesthood
More Thoughts on the Priesthood
Rethinking "Biblical Equality"
What's Lost When Women Serve as Priests?
Women Priests and the Anglican Church of North America
Women Priests by E.L. Mascall
Peter Moore on Women Priests

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