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More Readings in Biblical Anthropology

For those interested Biblical Anthropology as it relates to Genesis and other books of the Bible, visit my other blog Biblical Anthropology. A list of articles that appear there is found in the INDEX (Current as of 12 June 2012). As with the INDEX at Just Genesis, articles are posted alphabetically by topic.

Abraham, Descendant of Both Ham and Shem
What Language Did Abraham Speak?
Who Was the Bigger Liar, Abraham or Isaac?
Were Abraham's Ancestors Rulers or Refugees?

The Amorites: Caste of Royal Scribes
The Amorites: Aryan Canaanites?
The Ar Clans

Ascendency Patterns
The Marriage and Ascendency Pattern of Abraham's People
Sent-Away Sons
Sons Who Stayed Home

Peleg: Time of Division
Who Were the Dedanites?
The Joktanite Tribes
The Jebusites Unveiled

Afro-Asiatic Rulers and the Celestial Archetype
Nimrod, an Afro-Asiatic Kingdom Builder
Afro-Asiatic Kingdom Building
The Afro-Asiatic Dominion
The Spread of the Afro-Asiatic Worldview
Afro-Asiatic Symbols that Speak of God

Ancestor Veneration
Teraphim: Idols or Ancestor Figurines?
The Nephilim: Angels or Ancestors
The Bosom of Abraham
Recovering the African Background of Genesis

Animals in the Bible
The Ostrich in Biblical Symbolism
Did Abraham's People Have "Easter" Eggs?
Abraham's Camels
Noah's Birds
Jesus: From Lamb to Ram
Animal Totems Used to Trace Ancestry

Ainu, "First People"
Does Genesis 10 Describe the Ainu Dispersion?
The Nile-Japan Ainu Connection
Abraham's Ainu Ancestors
Ainu at Genetic Center
A Kindling of Ancient Memory
The Bible and the Question of Race

The Celestial Dance Observed by the Magi
The Sun and Moon in Genesis
Ancient African Astronomers
Reality is Cross Shaped

Biblical Anthropology
Biblical Anthropology is Science
Is Biblical Anthropology an Oxymoron?
Biblical Anthropologists Discuss Darwin
The Bible and Anthropological Investigation
What Does a Biblical Anthropologist Do?
Biblical Anthropology and Antecedents
Derrida and Biblical Anthropology

Biblical Names
An African Reflects on Biblical Names
African Naming Practices
Is Enoch a Royal Title?
Conversation about Hausa Origins
Conversation about Igbo Origins

Biblical Worldview
The Biblical Worldview
The Sacred Center in Biblical Theology

Binary Distinctions
The Importance of Binary Distinctions
Binary Sets in the Ancient World
Circumcision and Binary Distinctions
Blood and Binary Distinctions

Blood Symbolism
Comparing Cosmologies to Trace Origins
Blood and Crosses
Mining Blood
The Blood of Jesus
The Pleromic Blood and Gender Distinctions
Blood and Binary Distinctions

Who Did Cain Marry?
Cain as Ruler

Christ in Biblical Anthropology
The Eternal Son Comes Down From Heaven
The Christ as Alpha and the Omega
The Risen Christ in Genesis

When the Sahara was Wet
Genesis and Climate Change
Water Systems Connected Nile and Central Africa
Climate Cycles and Noah's Flood
The Jordan River in Abraham's Time

Comparing Cosmologies to Trace Origins
The Cosmology of Abraham's People
Biblical Cosmology and Ethics

Gathered to His people
The Bosom of Abraham
Sheol and the Second Death

Derrida, Jacques
Derrida and Biblical Anthropology
Levi-Strauss and Derrida on Binary Oppositions

Deborah the Warrior Bee
The Judges Deborah, Samuel and Huldah
Survey of Women in Genesis

Who Was Eber?
Noah's Sons and Their Descendants

Ancient Egyptian Lexicon
Etymology of the Vav
Egypt in the Christmas Narrative
Exploring Hosea 11:1 - "Out of Egypt"
The Sudanese Origins of Pharaonic Egypt
Egypt in the Book of Genesis
Ancient Egyptians Were Seafaring
Medical Care in Ancient Egypt
The World's Oldest Book Found in Egypt

The Ethnicity of David and Abraham
Who Were the Kushites?
Were the Natufians Kushites?
The Bible and the Question of Race
Who Were the Horites?
What Color Was Abraham?
Abraham and the Mahra/Masek

Eve in the Bible
The Biblical Meaning of Eve
Eve's Sin

Ezekiel's New Temple

Hebrews (Book)
Paul to Hebrew Christians: Hold Fast the Faith of Your Horim
Paul to Hebrew Christians: Persevere in Hope
Hebrews 10: Christ's All Sufficient Sacrifice

Exploring Hosea 11:1 - "Out of Egypt"

Human Origins
Overview of Human Origins
Genesis and Genetics
Q and A on Creation and Evolution
Is Genesis Really About Human Origins?
Getting the facts About Human Origins

The Jebusites Unveiled
The Jebu, Sheba, Joktan Confederation
The Priestly Order of Melchizedek

The Jerusalem that David Knew

The Men Who Spied on Canaan

Did Jews Live in Dynastic Egypt?
Challenge to Shaye Cohen's Portrayal of Abraham as the First Jew
The Myth of Jewish Racial Purity
Rabbi Hirsch on the Nations
The Talmud on the Virgin Mary
Talmudic Legend vs Biblical History

The Scatter-Gather Motif in Judges

Kinship Analysis
Lamech Segment Analysis
The Cousin Bride's Naming Prerogative
The Pattern of Two Wives
Analysis of the Genesis 4 and 5 King Lists
The Lines of Ham and Shem Intermarried
Kain and Seth Married the Daughters of Nok
Methuselah's Wife
Noah's Sons and Their Descendants
Abraham's First-Born Son
Abraham's Two Concubines
Cousin Brides and Their Ruler Sons
Sons Who Stayed Home
Joseph's Relationship to Mary

Identifying King Tut's Father
The Kushite Marriage Pattern Drove Kushite Expansion

The Lineage of Melchizedek
The Order of Melchizedek

The Migration of Abraham's Ancestors
DNA Research Confirms Kushite Migration
Does Genesis 10 Describe the Ainu Dispersion?

Moses' Horite Family
Moses' Wives and Brothers
Mosaic Authorship?
Moses and Abraham: Different Origins of Israel?

The Christ in Nilotic Mythology
Eliade Was Right About Celestial Archetypes
The Mythological Core of Christianity
Tehut's Victory Over Tehom
Heaven or Heavens: Does It Matter?

Neolithic Industries and Technologies
Wine Making
Neolithic Advancements Along the Nile
Afro-Asiatic Metal Workers

Number Symbolism
Number Symbolism in the Bible
Three Sons and The Son
Is Gematria Helpful in Decoding the Genesis King Lists?

Order of Creation
Hierarchy in Creation
Genesis and Genetics
Plato and Intelligent Design

Original Sin/Inherited Guilt
Inherited Guilt of Infection of Death?
What Happened in the Garden?

Paleolithic Industries and Technologies
Mining Blood
Paleolithic Industries at Jabal Harun (Aaron's Mountain)

Horite Priests and the Hapiru
Who Were the Hapiru?
Horite Territory
The Origins of the Priesthood
Abraham and Job: Horite Rulers
Shepherd Priests
The Horite Conception of the Priesthood
God as Male Priest
The Daughters of Priests
Shamans and Priests

Questions Asked
Questions Asked by Primitive Man
Questions High Schoolers Ask About Genesis
More Questions About Sex

Sacred Mountains
Mount Mary and the Origins of Life
Sacred Mountains
Mount Moriah
Mount Meru

The Ruler Seth
Seth's Father and Abraham's Mother

Thoughts on Sex
More Thoughts on Sex

Tehom: Tihama of the Hadramout and Aden
The Victory of Tehom Over Tehut

Using Totems to Trace Ancestry and Marriage Ties
Totemism in the Old Testament

Tribes and Clans
The Edomites and the Color Red
Edom and the Horites
Extant Biblical Tribes and Clans
Jebusites: Extant Biblical Tribe
The Peoples of Canaan
The Clans of Ar

Uniqueness of the Bible
Sacred Writings and the Uniqueness of the Bible

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